Skills and Psychology behind High-Yield Investment Scams

There are certain skills and psychology behind those who operate high-yield investment scams. Individuals should aware of these types of skills, some of their new tactics and strategies, where to ask questions and do research, as well as some of the psychology behind those who operate scams. Scammers are not normal people and have psychology as well as morals that are questionable. For normal unsuspecting individuals to create an awareness of scammers, their psychology and their tactics is a big step in understanding how to protect from fraud. These scammers bank on individual’s automatic trust in their trust factors. Within the world of business marketing, there are certain trust factors that are utilized to win followers, influence people, or to cause the perception of legitimacy and reliability. These types of skills are taught to salespeople and internet marketers and it is easy to learn them.


However, more unsuspecting people are not well versed in these types of skills and psychological mind-sets and it is difficult to comprehend that there are some people who would deliberate scam others out of hard earned money. The simple understanding that individuals can put on a trustworthy face but have an entirely different agenda in which they are operating is important for individuals to discern whether they are actually working with a trustworthy source. Of course, professional licensure as well as registration of proven track records that are researchable across major government databases helps individuals measure whether they are working with an actual professional.

Now that we have discuss a little about the necessary awareness of the types of psychotically mindsets that scammers use, individuals should look out for the following skill sets in operation to fully protect themselves from being scammed through deal promises and reward programs.

Expert Social Media Integration

Scammers are expert at integrating social media platforms, including closed groups and special member groups. These scammers understand how to make money from social networking and how to cause themselves to have a social media presence that makes people listen to what they have to say and buy into what they saying. Look for highly competent social media advertising and integration as a means to push as particular program, strategy or deal. While it is common for all companies to have some type of social media presence, there is a difference in aggressiveness of the approach across platforms that disguises established professional, honest professionals, and those who are acting in haste.


Expert Sales Page Psychology

Generally if you go to their website they have sales pages and other marketing and promotional materials that are well written to the point that they cause a person to want to immediately buy. This is because sales copy writing is usually creating with fake testimonials to encourage large amount of traffic and individuals to impulsively buy. Person who write this type of material are highly trained and skilled at moving individuals to action so they understand what it takes in order to tap into the raw emotions that cause people to immediately purpose based on emotional responses.

Expert Social Cohesion Development across Platforms

If there is a community of people around a particular program, deal, or product this can be a subtle indicator that the person behind the operation is capable of creating communities to make social cohesion creation a perception of social acceptance, workability and consensus. This is one of the most powerful skills that can cause people to immediately lend trust because they see normal people involved in a high level operation and it may seem that everything is okay and that it is an authentic opportunity.


Hi there! High Yield Investment Programs; there is no person in this world who will run a business at loss which is why such programs eventually turn out to be scam. Once I passed my high school, I realized that I have many expenditures coming up every now and then. I then began researching on internet about earning ways and believe me during the whole year I became a puppet of scammers throughout; those either paid way less than the work they asked for or they would go out of sight after gaining trust of people.

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