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 High-Yield Investment Program – Why You Should Avoid Such Deals

Hi there! High Yield Investment Programs; there is no person in this world who will run a business at loss which is why such programs eventually turn out to be scam. Once I passed my high school, I realized that I have many expenditures coming up every now and then. I then began researching on internet about earning ways and believe me during the whole year I became a puppet of scammers throughout; those either paid way less than the work they asked for or they would go out of sight after gaining trust of people. Then I came up with some good ways to earn by freelancing, etc. but I did not want that the newbies to fall prey to these scammers because of their lack of knowledge and expertise. So, I did some vast amount of work which growing-investmentincluded gathering facts and figures to prove myself and this is what that served motivation behind my research here. I aimed that if I am able to convey what I have gained these years, eventually lesser and lesser people will be victimized and after that such type of scammers won’t hold any chance.

The HYIP idea is basically quiet simple in which the owners ask the investors to invest a large amount of money and then they will get returns on their investment somewhat like 1% or more. What I found out was that at first the owners build trust by giving the money by new investors to old ones and thus encourage them to invest and more. Who won’t fall for this quick money? So, this resulted in more and more investors investing in that company and then one day the website is gone for good with all the money. The reason why I had fallen for this was because I did not noticed many details just like that website is being is hosted with anonymous hosting service providers or the very fact that how can someone return this much of investment without any affiliation with some bank or larger organization that would surely have a physical presence.

I thanked God that I did not invested that much of money that will cause me a huge financial set back and the loss I faced was no more than some hundred dollars but of course I did not want anyone else to loose. Last but not the least I read and tried to understand the patterns of previously identified scammers in this category and those that have been put to their end legally. So to be honest with you, anyone given with such opportunity or given with any chance to have this much money by doing nothing and by fooling a bunch of stupid people, half of the slot will go for this and become a scammer. So, this is my cause. I know I can’t stop people from becoming scammers but I can stop people from being a prey of scammers. And this is the reason because of my presence here.