3 Ways to Spot Investment Scams

Investment scams are becoming increasingly popular. Often times, if investment scams utilize international accounts, the money that is invested is not recoverable if the operation is discovered to be a scam. In cases of domestic investigations of companies, that investment money is sometimes recoverable. However, before individuals are scams, there are ways in which these scams can be recognized.  In some cases, it may be necessary for such scams to be reported to appropriate investigation offices. Before this later critical step is taken, it is best to understand how to recognize a scam to save time and energy. Sometimes individuals may not even want to be involved with any aspect of scamming, including having to report a scam. So it is best to stay safe ahead of time. Below are three proven ways to spot an investment scam:


1.     Got to get this offer now

Beware of the scarcity affect. These scams basically say that their opportunity is only available for a limited time or that individuals should “get in on the ground floor” before some big success happens and then the individuals have to pay higher prices to invest because the opportunity has reached some imaginable peak saturation. Of course, that peak saturation does occur and the point of the scam is that it only occurs with a handful of select people you may never meet. So the best way to above a scam is to understand that these so called get it while it lasts offers can stay exactly where they are, because investments are about more intelligence, calculation, and prudence than multi-level marketing.


2.     Pie and cake when you enter the door

There are some scams that will basically try to show you return up front so that you trust the system they are using. They figure that if you believe that you will see returns like you did early on, you won’t catch on to the fact that they are taking any additional funds for themselves down the road and providing you with excuses before. Return on investments are the main course and eating dessert before the main course or going on vacation before the actual return may be wise in certain situations that are established as something enjoyable and rewarding, however, at the beginning of a new investment relationship, this is an unwise approach and investments at that stage require actual time to build trustworthiness.

Man looking for money in wallet for prostitute
Man looking for money in wallet for prostitute

3.     Solicitation

Some companies and salespersons will solicit your involvement within a scam. If they are sending you something in the mail or contacting your through email they are likely a scam. Essentially, it is you who should contact them if you are seeking to invest. You should do you research on the types of investments individuals can lawfully pursue and what some of successes and failures of these types of investments are. Some of these investments are high-yield and some are not. You should know the differences and the time expectation for each, then after that sound research, you should approach investment professionals or companies that can assist you with what you are seeking to accomplish.

Investments are not always getting rich quick strategies and it is important to diversify your interests and invest in sound education and advice before investing. There is an art and science to investing that should not be degraded with promises and glows of what may seem like a deal. In investments, deals are rather rare and an established strategy of focusing on what works in investing and how to properly invest is more important for establishing a foundation from which to make quality choices. The ability to discern and analyze sound investment strategies and to develop a diverse investment portfolio arises from a solid foundation in investment language, case studies, and professional relationships with trusted and qualified advisers.


Hi there! High Yield Investment Programs; there is no person in this world who will run a business at loss which is why such programs eventually turn out to be scam. Once I passed my high school, I realized that I have many expenditures coming up every now and then. I then began researching on internet about earning ways and believe me during the whole year I became a puppet of scammers throughout; those either paid way less than the work they asked for or they would go out of sight after gaining trust of people.

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